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Pensions, Why Are they a Nightmare?

Pensions are as necessary as the air that we breathe. So the fact that this country is now at a stage when pensions have suddenly become the bane of life for business and government alike should, like the recession, not be happening.

Over the past decade we have both read and heard repeated warnings that our population is growing older and will require larger funding to meet the pensions commitment. But, has either the government or business done anything about this to prevent a crisis?

As we now seem to be in the middle of a pensions crisis I would suggest that what has been done to date was at the least minimalistic. Government and business have allowed us to be in this position which seems to point towards the public not being able to rely on either.

It seems about time that both government and business created a joint venture by creating a Futures Think Tank with the remit to avoid crisis of any kind through brainstorming. It simply isn’t good enough to fall from one crisis to another which is what this country is repeatedly doing.

The government and shadow government share a responsibility to ensure that the country is steered away from situations that harm any member of our population. So far the UK feels like it’s the Titanic because government have repeatedly failed.


Can the UK recover from the Mess of Political and Financial Mistakes

With a population of around 62 million being asked to accept cutbacks caused by others. The UK public has a perfect right to feel let down by both their politicians and bankers. Whether this coalition government will achieve a recovery that can be shared by all is fundamental to whether they remain in power for the duration of their term of office.

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