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Articles and debate about cars, new and old plus the direction the motor industry is taking.

Why isn’t LPG distribution wider?

Ok, we hear much about limited fuel resources, and suffer huge fuel costs as a result, but why aren’t there more distributors with LPG pumps at garages, and why aren’t more cars offered by manufacturers ready to use LPG?

LPG is a cheap fuel that theoretically at least should provide more miles per gallon, yet the motor industry is ignoring it, why?


Fast Cars, Slow Cars and Where Motoring is Headed

I have been keenly interested in cars and the motor industry generally since I was old enough to appreciate that the differences between makers and models amounted to more than the colours offered.

If you’re a car ‘nut’ with something to say then say it here. I have written several online articles for Suite101 including these, you can guess in which one I’m playing devils advocate:

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